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You can view the list of companies which have issued rights recently.
Company NameAnnc. DateExisting Inst.
Ratio ExistRatio OfferOffer Inst.
Face Value
Exist Inst.
Face Value
Offer Inst.
Rights Prem.XR Date
Arvind Fa... 03/02/2021Equity Share203Equity Share4413123/02/2021
Aplab 02/02/2021Equity Share11Equity Share10100 
Authum In... 23/11/2020Equity Share52Equity Share10107117/02/2021
L&T Finan... 09/11/2020Equity Share7417Equity Share10105521/01/2021
WEP Solut... 06/11/2020Equity Share83Equity Share10100 
Shoppers ... 16/10/2020Equity Share7017Equity Share5513519/11/2020
Emerald L... 26/09/2020Equity Share1942Equity Share1010027/01/2021
Mold-Tek ... 21/09/2020Equity Share501Equity Share - PP5517521/10/2020
Patel Int... 15/09/2020Equity Share4727Equity Share1010017/02/2021
EIH Ltd. 07/09/2020Equity Share858Equity Share226322/09/2020
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