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You can view the list of companies which are closed for subscription.
Company NameIssue TypeOffer Price
Issue OpenIssue CloseIssue Size
(Rs. in Lakhs)
List Price
(Rs. )
Frog Cellsat Public Issue 102.0029/09/202204/10/20224,156.70--0.00
Vedant Asset Public Issue 40.0030/09/202204/10/2022300.000.00--
Swastik Pipe Public Issue 100.0029/09/202203/10/20226,252.00--0.00
Cargosol Logis... Public Issue 28.0028/09/202230/09/2022756.000.00--
Lloyds Luxuries Public Issue 40.0028/09/202230/09/20222,400.00--0.00
QMS Medical Al... Public Cum O...121.0027/09/202230/09/20225,687.00--0.00
Silicon Rental... Public Issue 78.0028/09/202230/09/20222,115.360.000.00
Cargotrans Mar... Public Issue 45.0027/09/202229/09/2022486.000.00--
Concord Contro... Public Issue 55.0027/09/202229/09/2022875.710.00--
Cyber Media Re... Public Cum O...180.0027/09/202229/09/20221,404.00--0.00
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