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You can view the list of companies which are closed for subscription.
Company NameIssue TypeOffer Price
Issue OpenIssue CloseIssue Size
(Rs. in Lakhs)
List Price
(Rs. )
Jonjua Overseas Public Issue 10.0012/02/201915/02/2019130.00----
Anmol India Public Issue 33.0012/02/201914/02/20191,023.00----
Chalet Hotels L Public Cum O...280.0029/01/201931/01/2019164,
Ritco Logistics Public Cum O...73.0028/01/201930/01/20194,818.000.00--
Surani Steel T... Public Cum O...52.0025/01/201929/01/20191,291.68--53.10
Xelpmoc Design... Public Issue 66.0023/01/201925/01/20192,310.9556.0057.00
KPI Global Inf... Public Issue 80.0008/01/201911/01/20193,993.600.00--
Axita Cotton Public Issue 60.0027/12/201802/01/20191,051.2061.00--
Deccan Health ... Public Cum O...100.0018/12/201820/12/20184,212.00108.00--
Shankar Lal Ra... Public Issue 45.0012/12/201814/12/2018729.0046.15--
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