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You can view the list of companies which are closed for subscription.
Company NameIssue TypeOffer Price
Issue OpenIssue CloseIssue Size
(Rs. in Lakhs)
List Price
(Rs. )
Fine Organic I... Public Cum O...783.0020/06/201822/06/201860,016.90----
Rites Ltd. Public Cum O...185.0020/06/201822/06/201846,620.00----
Accuracy Shipp... Public Issue 84.0011/06/201814/06/20183,576.38--88.00
Priti Internat... Public Issue 75.0011/06/201813/06/2018525.60--81.00
Shreeoswal See... Public Issue 26.0007/06/201812/06/20181,189.76--27.85
Sonam Clock Public Issue 36.0001/06/201806/06/20181,010.88--37.00
Waa Solar Public Cum O...161.0031/05/201804/06/20183,220.00158.00--
Palm Jewels Public Issue 30.0025/05/201801/06/2018890.4037.50--
Nakoda Group O... Public Issue 35.0023/05/201829/05/2018648.2036.00--
Affordable Rob... Public Issue 85.0024/05/201828/05/20182,279.3690.05--
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