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You can view the book closure details of companies with their date and purpose.
Company NameFrom DateTo DatePurpose
Igarashi Motors Indi 01/08/202109/08/2021Final Dividend
Kriti Industries 01/08/202107/08/2021Final Dividend
Kriti Nutrients 01/08/202107/08/2021Final Dividend
Saksoft Ltd. 01/08/202110/08/2021Final Dividend
Dabur India 02/08/202106/08/2021Final Dividend
Whirlpool of Ind 02/08/202107/08/2021Final Dividend
Century Enka 03/08/202105/08/2021Final Dividend
Hercules Hoists 03/08/202110/08/2021Final Dividend
Atishay L 04/08/202110/08/2021Final Dividend
GE Power India 04/08/202110/08/2021Final Dividend
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