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( As on 23/02/2018 3:32PM ) This page indicates top gainers in derivatives market in terms of change in current price over the previous days' price. Page can be viewed individually for different contracts.
SymbolExpiry DateInstrument
Current Price
( Rs. )
Previous Close
( Rs. )
Open Interest
JAIPRAK ASSO 28/03/2018FUTSTK20.0521.1516.556,325243,236,000
JAIPRAK ASSO 26/04/2018FUTSTK19.8019.2816.6048612,852,000
JAIPRAK ASSO 28/03/2018FUTSTK19.3016.6216.556,325242,726,000
FORTIS HEALT 28/03/2018FUTSTK161.109.07147.7019,72159,472,000
FORTIS HEALT 28/03/2018FUTSTK161.059.04147.7019,72160,203,500
FORTIS HEALT 26/04/2018FUTSTK161.358.91148.15296406,000
MINDTREE LTD 28/03/2018FUTSTK811.308.83745.508,6302,406,000
FORTIS HEALT 31/05/2018FUTSTK162.258.75149.2023,500
MINDTREE LTD 28/03/2018FUTSTK808.258.42745.508,6302,008,800
MINDTREE LTD 26/04/2018FUTSTK815.858.33753.102518,000
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