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Get a list of bulk deals reported to the BSE and NSE at the end of the day by the companies.

Company NameDeal DateBuy / SellClient NameQuantityPrice( Rs. )
Kwality 20/04/2018BU A ENTERPRISES PRIVATE...150000054.49
Kwality 20/04/2018SU A ENTERPRISES PRIVATE...50000054.00
McDowell Holdings Lt 20/04/2018BASHU AGARWAL7000043.37
McDowell Holdings Lt 20/04/2018BRAMESH ROSHAN BORANA10000043.72
McDowell Holdings Lt 20/04/2018SASHU AGARWAL1000043.37
Karda Constructions 20/04/2018BHANSABEN DIPAKBHAI PUJA...40300189.26
Karda Constructions 20/04/2018SHANSABEN DIPAKBHAI PUJA...61827187.65
Giriraj Civil Devolp 20/04/2018BSAJANKUMAR RAMESHWARLAL...36000101.00
Giriraj Civil Devolp 20/04/2018SSHAH MUKESHKUMAR BABULAL30000101.00
L&T Infotech 20/04/2018SLARSEN & TOUBRO LIM...10000001,399.00
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