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Get a list of bulk deals reported to the BSE and NSE at the end of the day by the companies.

Company NameDeal DateBuy / SellClient NameQuantityPrice( Rs. )
Vaishali Pharma 08/12/2023SJAINAM BROKING LIMITED55500168.37
NOCIL Ltd. 08/12/2023BGRAVITON RESEARCH CAPIT...835199257.28
NOCIL Ltd. 08/12/2023SGRAVITON RESEARCH CAPIT...835199257.52
Patel Engg. Ltd. 08/12/2023SGRAVITON RESEARCH CAPIT...529475860.40
Patel Engg. Ltd. 08/12/2023BGRAVITON RESEARCH CAPIT...529475860.38
Zee Media Corp 08/12/2023BGRAVITON RESEARCH CAPIT...495705416.34
Zee Media Corp 08/12/2023BCITADEL SECURITIES INDI...395320515.91
Zee Media Corp 08/12/2023BQE SECURITIES LLP284362116.23
Zee Media Corp 08/12/2023BHRTI PRIVATE LIMITED456888816.02
Zee Media Corp 08/12/2023SCITADEL SECURITIES INDI...136086115.88
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