Daily FX Monitor

20/01/2020 Pound plunges on the back of disappointing retail sales data
17/01/2020 Pound and Euro edges higher against weaker dollar
16/01/2020 Greenback weakens ahead of US-China phase-1 deal signing ceremony
15/01/2020 Greenback weakens after US removes currency manipulator tag of China
14/01/2020 Pound plunges on the back of disappointing UK GDP numbers
13/01/2020 Rupee appreciates on likely overseas inflows related to Bharti Airtel QIP
10/01/2020 Pound weakens on dovish comments by BoE Governor
09/01/2020 Greenback strengthens amidst Mid-East tensions and upbeat US economic data
08/01/2020 Greenback recovers following renewed Middle East tensions
07/01/2020 Euro & Pound recovers on the back of upbeat economic data
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