Daily Commodity Radar

27/03/2020 Gold rallies on record increase in US Jobless claims
26/03/2020 Gold retreats as US congress approves the stimulus package
25/03/2020 Bullions surge on safe-haven buying as liquidity situation improved
24/03/2020 Crude Oil plunges as travel and industrial activity contracts across the world
23/03/2020 Crude Oil suffered biggest weekly loss in three decades as global fuel demand takes a hit
20/03/2020 Crude Oil surged after Trump administration bought American-sourced oil
19/03/2020 Crude Oil plunges to 18 yr. low as global lockdown continues
18/03/2020 Gold recovers after US Fed provided much needed stimulus
17/03/2020 Gold continues to fall as liquidation gathers pace
16/03/2020 Gold hits 2020 lows as forced selling continues
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