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( As on 25/09/2023 16:36) DHP India Ltd. - Shareholder Meeting / Postal Ballot-Outcome of AGM

32nd ANNUAL General Meeting of the Company held on 25/09/2023 and passed all circulated Six Resolution by requisite majority :1) Approval of Accounts 31/03/2023, 2) Approval of Final Dividend of FY 2022-23, 3) Approval of Reappointment of rotational director-Mrs.Anjum Dhandhania, 4) Approval of Reappointment of Statutory Auditors for next Five years, 5) Approval of appointment of Independent Director - Mr.Rajat Banerjee by Special Resolution for 5 years, and 6) Approval of appointment of independent director - Mrs.Aditi bagchi by Special resolution for 5 years. etc. and Voting Results attached