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( As on 26/09/2022 16:21) Guj. Industries - Reply to Clarification Sought

The Exchange had sought clarification from Gujarat Industries Power Company Limited with respect to announcement dated 21-09-2022 regarding Awarding orders/contract.On the basis of aforesaid disclosure, the Listed entity was required to clarify the following:Awarding of order(s)/contract(s)1. Significant terms and conditions of order(s)/contract(s) awarded, in brief;2. Time period, if any, associated with the order(s)/contract(s);3. Whether the promoter/ promoter group/group companies have any interest in that entity to whom the order(s)/contract(s) is awarded? If Yes, nature of interest and details thereof;4. Whether the same would fall within related party transactions? If yes, whether the same is done at ?arms length?.The response of the company is attached.