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Basic Details - hdfc ergo general - home insurance

Incorporation Date : 08/02/2002
Company Name : HDFC Ergo General
Fund Name : NULL Plan Group : Individual
Product Type : Individual Sub Product Type : Home
Home Insurance
WHEREAS the Insured described in the Schedule hereto (hereinafter called the "Insured') by a proposal and declaration which shall be the basis of this contract and is deemed to be incorporated herein has applied to HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company Limited (hereinafter called the "Company") for the insurance hereinafter contained and has paid premium as consideration for such insurance during the period stated in the Schedule or during any further period for which the Company may accept payment for the renewal or extension of this policy:ÿ

The Company hereby agrees subject to the terms and conditions contained herein or endorsed or otherwise expressed hereon, to indemnify the Insured to the extent and in the manner specified herein, against any loss or damage to the property insured due to operation of any of the insured perils during the policy period.