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Basic Details - chola ms general - chola protect

Incorporation Date : 02/11/2001
Company Name : Chola MS General
Fund Name : -- Plan Group : Individual
Product Type : Individual Sub Product Type : Motor
Auto Insurance
Total financial coverage e.g.

Reinstatement value/nil depreciation

Car emergency assistance e.g. Fuel delivery/battery jump start

Car breakdown assistance e.g. Flat tyre/on-site repair e.g. fuel delivery/battery top up

Post accident assistance e.g. Daily allowance/ Towing service

Daily Allowance
Fixed daily allowance of Rs. 500/- or Rs.1000/- per day to meet the cost of hiring a car (maximum of 5 days per policy period) while your insured car is under repair at the garage due to accident.

Reinstatement Value to ensure maximum claim benefit- Full Car investment Security
Your car is insured on `Reinstatement Value Basis', i.e. the original invoice value. In case of total loss/constructive total loss (75% damage to the car) of car, you will be compensated on the basis of vehicle invoice value#. The depreciation on repaired parts in case of accident/partial loss will be zero.

Depreciation Waiver on Vehicle Parts
The depreciation charges on the replaced vehicle parts will be waived off. The waiver amount will depend on the age of the vehicle.

Cover for Personal Luggage Loss
We will reimburse market value of personal luggage for the loss or damage caused by fire or accident provided the luggage were inside the locked car during the mishap. Maximum reimbursement in a policy period is Rs.10,000/-

Chola Assistance for Roadside Emergencies - CARE 24X7
We will assist you at every point, whether it is car emergency assistance like fuel delivery/ battery top up or car breakdown assistance like flat tyre/on-site repair, CARE will be with you always.